Saturday, May 30, 2015

Project Reality: BF2 Standalone

The time has come, Project Reality (the BF2 Mod) has launched a standalone version. I strongly encourage all of you who have not played project reality to get on this as it is a great experience, and will give you a good taste of the style of game play that the PR development team is going to try to reproduce in their new game "Squad". Enjoy!

  1. Download and install Project Reality (Official Page)
  2. Open the .ISO file (Disk Image) using a suitable program. If you do not have such a program you can request one from me (Daemon Tools Lite).
    The following steps are for opening an .ISO file in Daemon Tools lite:
    1. In Daemon Tools lite, create a new DT drive by hitting the DT drive icon with the + on it. 
    2. Mount the .iso file into your new DT drive by right clicking on your new DT drive and selecting "Mount". Find and select your .iso file (example: prbf2_1.3.0.0_full.iso) .
    3. Once mounted. double click on the DT drive (with the iso file mounted) and it will open the iso file
  3. Once the iso file is opened, run the .exe setup file