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Arma 2

Arma 2 Install and Update

Postby SilentGunnerJohn » 13 Aug 2012 14:29

1)Install ARMA 2 and ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead from setup

2)Patch ARMA 2 to latest version. Patches available: (Official ARMA II patch provider here!)

3)Install PR-ARMA2:
(!!!-It is possible that PR has a Beta patch available for ARMA II. It is recommended that this is installed prior to installing PR.)

4)Armaholic link (Great Source for ARMA 2 Mods)

5)Xfire Fix for Arma 2 (Optional):

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Postby SilentGunnerJohn » 01 Oct 2012 16:08

Download here:
CD-Key2: By Request

.Patch to version 1.1
.Install the patch for GTR2 online lobby
.(Optional) Study and master every corner with: MoTec Race Analysis Software
.Then add Tracks and Mods!

NoGripRacing (Source of GTR2 Files)
GTR2 Tracks

Super GT Mod (Download Here)


Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

The following is a guide of the order at which Splinter cell CT should be installed, patched, and updated. Ensure that the game works after each step before continuing.

1)Install the game using the "Setup" file in the initial game folder.

2)Install the Patch 1.5 version (***) 

3)Merc Torchlight Fix

Download 3d Analyze 

-To make 3d Analyze work with xfire do the following:
Watch this educational video by SteveTheCookie and or follow the instructions bellow:

A) Go to your Splintercell Chaos Theory folder, then go to "Versus" folder, and finally enter the "System" folder inside of versus. Backup the scct.exe and scct.ex files in a new folder.

B) Change the ending of scct.exe to .bak (**make sure to see file extensions: go to versus folder>organize>view>and uncheck hide known file extinsions)
C) Change scct.ex to scct.exe
 (Should have one SCCT.exe, and SCCT.bak. at this point)
D) Start 3d Analyzer, hit select and then find/highlight scct.exe in your game's versus/versus/system folder
E) In Pixel and Vertex Shader Tab tick "force max pixel shader version 1.4" and "force high precision pixel shader"
F)Select all the checkboxes in Game/Demo Fixes group
G) Create or use a preexisting batch file through 3d analyze with "scct.exe" by hitting "save batch"
H) Open the batch file and edit the text (internally) changing scct.exe from to scct.ex, then save.
I) Run the batch file to start the game. You can make a shortcut of the batch  on your desktop at this point. 

4) Download SCCT Versus Maps:

*IP SCCT Map Pack: IP SCCT Map Pack 09042016

Abandoned Bunker, Argus HQ, Artillery Warehouse,Athlon, Bank Mixed, Base Argus, Base Secrete, Buddhist Temple 0.5, Cargoship Beta, Chemical Industries 1.2, Clarity Soft Inc., Club House vs Museum, DimmyKron Estate, Dock, DM Contain Beta, Eden, Executive Suites Beta, Heliport 1.1, Hotel 57, Island,Lagerhaus, Mount Hospital MOD, Museum Aftermath, Museum Classic (N), Outpost, Red Tower Corps., Rocamadour, School, Shadow Moses, SpyScraper, State Union, Station Orbitale, Stockhouse, SubLabs, Suspect Dojo v.7, Tank Factory, Warehouse (SMBP), 1 on 1 Club House, 1 on 1 Deftech Belew, 1 on 1 Museum, and 1 on 1 Station and more

*Pusanka's Mappack: (Available by request)

*More free stuff:

5) Download/Install Evolve VPN (Virtual LAN):
-If you have Windows 10, you will need to make this quick fix: 

Optional Tweeks:

A) EAX SET UP (Full version here:

[IF  YOU DO NOT HAVE A CREATIVE SOUND: Install the modified audio driver and Creative software as shown in this tutorial:]
1. Start ALchemy
(Download from the Creative ALchemy site and choose which to get depending on your card. There is a guide to help you identify your soundcard if you're unsure (identify your sound card).
2. Press "Add"
3. Write game title and select "use game path"
4. In game path box write path to your game folder example.:"X:\program files\ubisoft\versus\system\"
5. Edit Buffers, Duration and Max voice count to 10, 15, and 128 respectively.



6. Go to your "..\versus\system\" folder and open Default.ini
7. Press CTRL + F and type Channels
8. Change Channels=32 to Channels=128
9. Save and make default.ini read only. (you can skip this point)
10. Press right arrows to restore EAX in CT
11. Run game, go to options and enable EAX.

B) Additional Tweeks:

Download the FPS Unlocker:
Orignial post:

Intellectual Property rFactor Server

rFactor =IP= Racing Server

Postby SilentGunnerJohn » 11 Dec 2012 12:11

Server name: =IP= Racing Lobby
Server IP:
Port: 32197

Mod LIst:
*BMW E90 Liga (BMW_E90.rfm) 
*DRM Revival (DRM.rfm)
*NAGT (NAGT.rfm)
*Super GT500 (SGT.rfm)
*SRPL Trainer


Battlefield 2

Instructions to update BF2 (The following MUST BE INSTALLED IN ORDER):

1) Update your BF2 to version Full Version 1.41 (536 MB, 562,044,991 bytes);72510

2)download final release of Highway Tampa.;80461
-Without this update, you will not be able to access many servers because they all have updated to this new version. 
2.a) (Also Update Punkbuster to avoid being kicked: ) optional

3) FINALLY DOWNLOAD Version 1.5 patch.
This new patch fixes several bugs in the game as well as includes one new map, and both Euro force and Armed Forces Booster Packs, a must have.

4)Battlefield 2 Mods:
A)Project Reality: Download and install from:

B)Forgotten Hope 2: Download here:

The BF2 1.5 UPDATE includes:

# Additional support for Windows Vista.
# Added Highway Tampa as a required map.
# Added a new map called Operation Blue Pearl.
# Added Euro Force and Armored Fury as free to play content for all Battlefield 2 players.
# Added Widescreen support
# Allowed BF2.exe to use more than 2Gb RAM
# Added support for the Novint Falcon controller (
* Consensus to revert to 0.3 second delay between jump and prone - Fixed
* Mouse wheel acceleration on jeeps and APC’s - In Test
* Mouse wheel acceleration on parachutes - In Test
* Falcon controller prevents joystick controls being assigned to work especially on jets and helicopters. Falcon always acts as primary controller for pitch and roll. Resets to Falcon at the start of every round. - Fixed
* The jets on Highway Tampa were replaced with attack choppers in 1.50 - Fixed, Highway Tampa is now as it was in 1.41
* The graphics for Highway Tampa are the same as Mashtuur City on create a local match in the menu and load screen. - Fixed
* Picking up the kit of a player who disconnected causes crashes - In Test
* Audio settings do not always save after clicking APPLY - Fixed
* Registry Version remains at 1.4 after Update 1.5 is installed - Fixed
* BF2OpenAL.dll was version - Fixed - Updated to version
* ch_gas_station collision mesh on Dragon Valley was inconsistent with other gas station buildings - Fixed
* MEC artillery piece on Operation Clean Sweep changes to the USMC's control when they capture the Airfield flag - Fixed
* Challenger2 HUD icon was incorrect showing M1A2 HUD icon instead - Fixed
* Road to Jalalabad has PLA FAV spawn in place of a MEC FAV - Fixed
* Dragon Valley Chinese artillery used default respawn time instead of 360 seconds as other artillery uses - Fixed
* Bizon (PP-19) had no delay time after weapon switch - Fixed (this now has a delay of 0.666)
* F35B had a lock delay of 1.5 compared to 1 second lock delay of other aircraft - Fixed
* Incorrect camo Humvee was being spawned in Taraba Quarry - Fixed
* UH-60 (Black Hawk) guns had 0.25 splash damage setting, down from 3 making it difficult to hit infantry. - Fixed (this is now set to 1.5 to improve the UH-60's usefulness while not allowing it to dominate)
* It was impossible to pass a claymore unless an engineer disarmed it first. - Fixed (players can now go prone to pass the claymore)
* Allow BF2.exe to use more than 2Gb RAM on machines that support it - Fixed

For more info and download sites:

rFactor Mirror Tutorial

rFactor Mirror Tutorial

Here you can read about tweaking and adjusting your racing games, software and hardware.

  1. rFactor HD Mirrors
  2. rFactor "Moving Rearview" disabling
1. To change your mirrors resoultion follow this guide made by Darren Blythe from SimHQ.
In response to a couple of people who asked about this here's a variety of replacement mirror textures that will increse the quality and resolution of the cockpit mirrors.

rFactor Hi Res Mirrors Download 

There are 7 versions of increasing resolution from pretty low (512 x 64) to ultra high (4096 x 512). The higher ones will have a small impact on frame rate so experiment to find one that looks and works well on your system. I suggest you start with 2048 x 128 and take it from there. 

How to Install: 

To install a mirror for a specific mod then copy the chosen mirror file into the mod directory (Ex. Gamedata\Vehicles\ILMS) and rename the chosen mirror file to: MIRROR.BMP

To install a mirror for every mod (globally) then copy and rename into the top level vehicle directory (Gamedata\Vehicles)


You MUST rename the chosen mirror file to: MIRROR.BMP otherwise it WILL NOT WORK!


Second download mirror: rFactor Hi Res Mirrors Download
Orginal source: SimHQ - Hi Res Mirror Topic
2. To let your game automatically property adjust your mirrors follow this guide.
         Navigate to your rFactor folder -> Userdata -> "YourName" -> open "YourName.PLR" and edit this
         Moving Rearview="3" to Moving Rearview="0" and save the file.