Game Pages

Racing Games:

                 We Play variety of racing simulators that use force feed back, destructible cars, and that have VR capabilities. You can also race against real people all over the world or against bots to train. Such games include Assetto Corsa, RFactor, Automobilista, and IRacing.

Military Shooters:

               We Aren't biased though. We also play anything from arcade shooters to military simulators. In Which we use a heavy dose of teamwork and some skill. In Arma III we play all sorts of missions that may or may not include zombies, demons, or straight up Dick head AI that are way to accurate. We also play Squad and Project Reality, games that even more teamwork heavy and harder in general.


               Everyone loves a good arcade game where you can just mess around in and have fun. Midnight Club, Worms Revolution, and Rocket league are included on our list. We take in one step further with Rocket league, where we are compete in tournaments such as Bragging Right, RLCS, and ESL.


               Survival games are close at heart for IP. Especially if there are Sandbox Survivals. We wait impatiently for Survive The Nights, and relish the fact that there is no good 100% complete game in the genre. 7 Days to Die, The Forest, Rust, and Arma III Exile are some good one we play regular.


               We are not limited to these types of games though, we also play top down games such as Factorio, horror like Damned or Dead By Daylight. Little treasures like The ship. And RTS games such as Age of Empires