About Us

Welcome to Intellectual Property

                We are an International Gaming Community that play a variety of FPS, Battle simulator, and racing simulator games. Our focus is on competitive, yet fun gaming through teamwork and socializing.

How We Coordinate Games

               Events are coordinated over our active Discord server, which contains channels for the various subgroups of games within our community.

How We Connect

               All members have access to our Mumble server where players can meet and work together toward a common goal with our crystal clear VoIP server [Join Us on Mumble Here!]

How to Join Intellectual Property

                Joining is by Request. Send your request by Steam, Discord, or join our Mumble server.
We have a 'New Recruit' channel in Discord and Mumble, where newcomers are welcomed to join.
 Contact any of our moderators and we will get you on you way.
 View our contact information here: Contact Us


Mumble (Voice Chat, to promote effective teamwork and socialize)
Discord  (For game coordination and player recruitment)
Mature Attitude (This is not a free to join group We select players that are worth playing with)