Wednesday, December 11, 2013

rFactor Mirror Tutorial

rFactor Mirror Tutorial

Here you can read about tweaking and adjusting your racing games, software and hardware.

  1. rFactor HD Mirrors
  2. rFactor "Moving Rearview" disabling
1. To change your mirrors resoultion follow this guide made by Darren Blythe from SimHQ.
In response to a couple of people who asked about this here's a variety of replacement mirror textures that will increse the quality and resolution of the cockpit mirrors.

rFactor Hi Res Mirrors Download 

There are 7 versions of increasing resolution from pretty low (512 x 64) to ultra high (4096 x 512). The higher ones will have a small impact on frame rate so experiment to find one that looks and works well on your system. I suggest you start with 2048 x 128 and take it from there. 

How to Install: 

To install a mirror for a specific mod then copy the chosen mirror file into the mod directory (Ex. Gamedata\Vehicles\ILMS) and rename the chosen mirror file to: MIRROR.BMP

To install a mirror for every mod (globally) then copy and rename into the top level vehicle directory (Gamedata\Vehicles)


You MUST rename the chosen mirror file to: MIRROR.BMP otherwise it WILL NOT WORK!


Second download mirror: rFactor Hi Res Mirrors Download
Orginal source: SimHQ - Hi Res Mirror Topic
2. To let your game automatically property adjust your mirrors follow this guide.
         Navigate to your rFactor folder -> Userdata -> "YourName" -> open "YourName.PLR" and edit this
         Moving Rearview="3" to Moving Rearview="0" and save the file.