Saturday, April 4, 2015

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Versus Party

Sign up for an event by posting a comment stating that you will be available on that day/time slot.

Once 4 players sign up the games will begin! The available player with the best Internet speed/stability should host (Host should not use frame unlocker, stick with 32fps).
If we have 6+ players we can start a second server and have players/teams shift between servers.

SCCT Versus Party Rules:
*PRIORITY : =IP= SCCT party gives priority to IP members,  then to guest players on mumble, over any players that are not on voip.
*REVENGE: Every match should consist of 2 halves, on which each team gets to play a mercs and spies on the same map.
*TEAM BALANCE should be achieved by pitting the two most experienced  players on opposing teams. 
*COMMUNICATION: All players are expected to fully cooperate with their teammate on mumble.
*LEARNING: One of the main purposes of the matches is not only to have fun and competitive rounds but to educate less experienced players. I expect all players to make an attempt to improve their game. More experienced players are expected to help other players. 
*RESPECT your fellow players. Everyone is expected to behave in a mature manner on the server.
*RAGE QUITING Will NOT be tollerated in any form. Doing so can get you banned from joining again. Rage quitting can be considered leaving leaving before a match ends or intentionally giving up during a match.
*HOSTING: Host should have the fastest/most stable internet connection and should not use frame unlocker (stick to 32fps).