Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beware of Steam Account Phishing

What is phishing?
Phishing is a very idiotic way which some people can't get item legit. Phishing can be extremely dangerous. If you falling into this phishing trap, you might lose every item and your Steam account.

How they phishing people?
Usually phisher will create a fake website which is similar to our Steam layout and using similar URL address.

Identify phishing website

The name of URL link is very weird. The real Steam URL is Phisher will usually slightly change the URL name.
They will ask your Steam account name and password, if you enter your information. The phisher can access your account, stole your item and your account. They will change the password and you will not able to use your account again.

Is it safe to open phishing website?
Some phishing website is safe to open. I have opened one phishing website before using my alt account (F2P account), it is look similar to real Steam but they are some little differences. For example, some icon's is stretched and there are some typo in the website. However, if you click one of their icon, you might got virus. So, my advice is DO NOT CLICK OR OPEN THE PHISHING LINKS, what I tried is very risky. Once again, DO NOT CLICK ON PHISHING LINKS.
Also, some phishing links can give you virus by clicking on their link, this is extremely risky.

What will happen if you got phished?
1) You will lose your valuable items.
2) Phisher will steal your games
3) You will lose your account
4) Phisher will convert your stolen account into new phishing bot

So you got phished?
No, I didn't got phished. I did run virus scan after I checked that phishing site, the result is 100% virus free. Maybe that just my pure luck.

Can you explain why there is many phisher now?

I have no idea! I do know something, this is 'Phishvolution'.

Some examples of phishing bots or user. (Pictures)
NOTE : Some screenshot is uncensored DO NOT attempt to go one of these website shown pictures. I will not responsible if you lost your account and items.