SCCT Versus

For The SCCT VERSUS setup and =IP= mappack click here 

SCCT Versus Ranked Rules And Format

Match Format: All matches are to follow this order. 

  • Pre-Match: Teams Formation , Map Vote
  • Match: Full Match
  • Post-Match: Record Results, Protests if needed

Pre-Match: (Pre)

Pre1. Requirements:
  • Pre1 a. Players are required to have a working microphone and mumble and Evolve VPN service for virtual LAN.
  • Pre1 b. Only =IP= Members are allowed to participate in Ranked SCCT Versus matches. Members banned from ranked SCCT play within =IP= are also not allowed to participate.
Pre2. Team Formation: 
  • Pre2 a. Players must rotate after each full round. Teams are not to be kept from one round to the next. Ideally teams rotate in 'round robin' fashion.
  • Pre2 b. Any Player caught attempting to stat pad by trying to control whom they do and don't play with WILL be banned. EVERYONE is to play with EVERYONE, in order for our rank system to work, NO ONE is allowed try to select their teammates.
Pre3. Ranked Maps Available:
  • Pre3 a. Maps allowed in Ranked play may be viewed in the 'Ranked Maps' tab under in the SCCT Versus Ranked table above.  Maps available for play are limited to the maps that have the least amount of games played. 
  • Pre3 b. Rookie Exception: If a team possesses a 'Rookie Division' Player and win the 'map pick', that team will be allowed to pick maps that are 2nd and 3rd least played. 
Pre4. Map Pick: 
  • Pre4 a. One representative from a team will choose evens or odds. From there, all players will enter a number in the chat and submit at the same time.  The sum of all numbers called is used to determine which team wins the 'map pick'. If team green calls odds and the sum of the numbers called were odd, then team green picks the map. However if the sum of the numbers called were even, then team orange picks map, in this case. 
  • Pre4 b. Exceptions: If a player has a Map Veto Pass, they can veto the 'map pick' and replace it any other map of their choice (See rule Pre4 b-c for more information on the Map Veto Pass).
  • Pre4 c. Pre-match Forfeit Rule: Once the 'map pick' has been decided, the 4 players are locked into the match. Any player leaving prior to the match in protest of the map choice will receive a forfeit resulting in losing double the points for leaving. The winning team receive the usual amount of points for winning. The partner of the forfeiting player is not punished.
Pre5. The Map Veto Pass
  • Pre5 a. The Map Veto Pass is won by players on top of each division (See Post3 a).
  • Pre5 b. The Map Veto Pass will allow that player to veto a map choice by his/her opponents 1 time, and allow them to chose ANY map for their liking instead (No restrictions).
  • Pre5c. Limitations: The Map Veto Pass can only has one time use.
  • Pre5 d. If a player does not use their Map Veto Pass within the month awarded, it will expire at the end of the month.
  • Pre5 e. To determine which players have a Map Veto Pass view the 'Protests & Passes' tab of the SCCT Versus Ranked table.

Match: (M)

M1. Full Match: 
  • M1 a. All matches are to have two halves, a spy and a merc round. 
  • M1 b. A team can only win the match if they win both their merc and spy halves. Splitting a match, or a draw results from each team winning a half.
  • M1 c. If a player disconnects/leaves in a half that has lasted longer than 30 seconds, that half continues to completion and the disconnected player may be allowed to rejoin the server for the second half.
M2. Banned Actions: Doing any of the following will result in a loss and potential ban.
  • M2 a. Glitched mines are NOT allowed. Any mines placed should not be hidden inside of any textures/objects at all. If you need further clarification ask someone.
  • M2 b. Scripts of any kind are not allowed.
  • M2 c.  EAX sound tweeks are not allowed.
  • M2 d. No lag switches or use of lag to gain advantage. Any player reported with significant lag will be kicked, and their matches will be nullified.
  • M2 e. Three hops and your out. Excessive bunny hopping on the merc side will not be tolerated. Three consecutive bunny hops in quick succession will result in a loss.
  • M2 f. Use of Banned Items: Shotgun, Uzi, and Tasers are all banned.

Post-Match: (Post)

Post1. Record Match Results:
  • Post1 a. Match results are reported on the #scct_versus channel in discord indicating teams played, map played, and result for the full match (Win/Loss/Draw). See 'Match History' tab in the SCCT Versus Ranked table for a list of all matches played.
Post2. The SCCT Versus Protest System:
  • Post2 a. If a player feels a match was significantly affected by: any ban-able actions, severe opponent lag, or incorrect result reporting; they have the right to send a protest request the within 48 hrs in the #appeals channel of Discord. See rule M2 for a list of banned actions.
  • Post2 b. If all players agree to the with infraction on discord, the matter can be resolved without moderator review.
  • Post2 c. If the protest is contested, the protest will be reviewed by moderators, and tested in the same map and situation if necessary.
  • Post2 d. If moderators determine the protest to be justified, then then the appropriate action will be taken (Change match result, kick player, ect..).
  • Post2 e. Limitations: All players will be allowed only one protest request. If the players use a protest request and their protest is granted justified by the moderators, action will be taken, and the player gets their protest request back. IF a player makes a protest and the moderators deem said protest unjust, then that player looses their right to protest for 30 games. This will prevent protest spam.
  • Post2 f. Protest stats may be located in the 'Protests & Passes' tab of the SCCT Versus Ranked table.
Post3. Monthly Division Winners:
  • Post3 a. The players on top of each division (Pro, Semi-Pro, and Rookie) at the end of each month will win the Map Veto Pass (Determined at midnight EST of the last day each month). The top Pro player will win 1 Map Veto Pass, the top Semi-Pro player will win 2 Map Veto Passes, and the top Rookie payer will win 3 Map Veto Passes.